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I wanted to re-key my room near Great Lakes shopping center and Bruno came on the same day and provided a superb, clean work. Truly knowledgeable and sociable. He even applied WD-40 on the thmblers to make them even quieter. Willoughby Locksmith Security prices were very unexcessive and there was a tiny inconsistency between what I was quoted and the final price, but Bruno fixed it like a true professional. When you have a skilled locksmith and good at what they do, you will stay with them for good. Willoughby Locksmith Security will be my Willoughby Ohio locksmiths from now on (or at least while I live here...). (Murray L., Halle Estates Willoughby )
Local businesses, learn from Willoughby Locksmith Security. Keep it on !! Fast appointment setting with a two hour timeframe. Crystal clear about valuation of work cost. Alva arrived on exactly at the agreed timeframe and opened the driver door in no more than half an hour, way less than my expectation. The fee was precisely as told and very unexcessive in comparison to other estimates I got from other locksmiths in Willoughby for my 1929 Fiat 525. You can quickly see that they honestly enjoy pleasing the clients. Very nice :-)! - Jeanette Y. Willoughby
Percy just had to setup a Schalge biometric deadbolt on the garage entrance and I must admit that he was not only very kind and amiable, but also did a very quick and clean job. 5 Stars all the way :-)! (Saul Z. Willoughby )
Needed locksmith help when I lost my cousin's Ford keys !! Bruno was just perfect and asked for a very right price. He truly attempts to help and it surely shows. Bruno got me an original car key from the dealer, a thing that no other Willoughby Ohio locksmith was able to give. I would obviously recommend Willoughby Locksmith Security for almost any vehicle locksmith help in the area of Willoughby. Highly recommended !!!!! - Brendan X. Willoughby
I needed an immediate locksmith assistance when I lost my 1997 Honda keys !! Bruno was indeed great and offered a very honest price. He really does his best to help and it unmistakably is visible. Bruno arranged an original key, a thing that no other locksmith could. I would recommend Willoughby Locksmith Security for just about any locksmith service, urgent or not. Awesome !! (Gary X., Willoughby Commons Willoughby )
I looked for help when I locked inside my in-laws's Isuzu keys at the Village of Chagrin shopping center parking !! Bruno was truly fantastic and offered a very honest price. Bruno truly tries to help and it undeniably shows. Bruno even arranged an authentic key from the dealer that no other locksmith was able to provide. I would recommend Willoughby Locksmith Security for almost any car locksmith services. 10x !! (Schroeder Q., Mentor Avenue Willoughby )